Don’t pay that speeding fine just yet

Road safety is important. Although accident rates have fallen in more recent years, this is most likely attributed to better car design and safety features than any huge improvements in the way most people drive. The vast majority of people take good care in their vehicles and obey speed limits and rules and regulations. Which is why some motoring offences can seem a little heavy handed. Especially those that are based on evidence provided by cameras. It seems unfair not to be able to give the driver’s side of the story. Instead it just seems that big brother has decided and that’s the end of that.

However, this isn’t the case at all. As the UK’s motoring solicitors will testify. The motorist has the option to appeal, and on good grounds too. The vast majority of these motoring offences are not as clear cut as they first appear.

The law is full of technicalities. The law governing the use of speed cameras is no different. Their use is governed by strict rules. They must be tested regularly for example to ensure they produce accurate results. So before paying that fine that comes through the letter box, it’s always worth checking in with motoring solicitors to find grounds to contest the decision.

Fines add up. So too points on any driving license. For anyone who drives for a living this could be disastrous. Reach twelve in a three year period and that could mean a driving ban. Which could result in loss of employment. So it’s always worth checking with a lawyer to see what can be done.

They know this area of the law inside out and check through the ins and outs of the intention to prosecute to find any legitimate grounds for appeal. It’s a small price to pay to stay on the road when a driver has been unfairly prosecuted.

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