The benefits of using LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are emerging as the next big development in domestic and commercial lighting solutions. With traditional light bulbs no longer being produced new ideas for light bulbs have had to be developed and LED bulbs are emerging as the most popular choice. LED bulbs are now available for all kinds of lights such as LED downlights, lamp bulbs, outdoor LED lights and general light bulbs for all kinds of light fittings. LED bulbs will dramatically reduce a user’s electrical consumption as well as reducing CO2 so they are much greener energy source compared to other types of lighting.

When it comes to selecting LED bulbs there are many different types. LED bulbs come with a choice of bulb bases such as screw in or plug in pin types and the one you require will depend on the application you are using it for. LED bulbs offer a high quality, power saving, long lasting economical lighting solution and once people start to realise all the benefits of LED bulbs they will soon be replacing all the bulbs in their home or workplace with LED bulbs to start reaping the cost saving benefits. LED bulbs are designed to last for years and many claim to last for around 15 years which is much longer than traditional light bulbs. Some LED bulbs also claim to use 90% less power than a standard light bulb so it is easy to see how you will soon start saving on your energy bills.

LED bulbs and in particular LED downlights are much cheaper to run than traditional spotlights or downlights. LED downlights are being used more and more in commercial settings such as restaurants, bars, retail premises and hotels due to their long life and low cost. LED downlights and other LED bulbs are available in a range of colours so they are perfect for using where people want to create atmosphere and ambiance with lighting solutions. In commercial settings where lights need to be left on for long periods of time LED bulbs should be used and the cost and energy savings will soon be realised.


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