Wood Pellets from Forever Fuels

Made from sawdust and other wastes from a number of wood product manufacturing industries, wood pellets are a convenient and renewable energy alternative to existing gas, oil and electricity heating systems.

Because of their density and ability to be manufactured with low moisture content, wood pellets are able to burn with high combustion efficiency. Due to their size and facility to be stored in a compact way, wood pellets are able to be transported easily.

With pellet stoves becoming more and more popular in recent years, thanks in part to the fluctuating prices of fossil fuels wood pellets are being deployed more and more by those looking for a more affordable way of heating their premises.

As the leading specialist supplier of wood pellets, Forever Fuels are a company who pride themselves on their competitive prices and quality products.

For those companies perhaps a little unsure about installing a wood pellet boiler in their place of work, the government Renewable Heat Incentive scheme which supports the use of renewable heat technologies, companies who utilise wood pellets are able to receive payment for every MWh of renewable heat they use.

With the DELOX SiCon sensor and remote monitoring system, Forever Fuels are able to keep track of the amount of wood pellets currently in your store, and are able to schedule deliveries when the wood pellets reach a certain level.

With a number of delivery options available, the wood pellets from Forever Fuels are capable of being delivered with methods certified by Trading Standards as being Legal for Trade.

To find out whether Forever Fuels have a wood pellets depot in your area and to find out more information about the wood pellets from Forever Fuels, visit them online today and make big savings with one of the best renewable forms of alternative energy.



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