Petrol in Diesel mistake

If you own a diesel and you drive more than fourteen thousand miles in a year then you may be happy with the amount that you are saving on your fuel year on year. The fact of the matter is that motorway driving with a diesel car can really help you save some pennies and most new diesels perform like a petrol engine. Most new diesels are also a lot quieter than the diesels of old which mean that owning one also has far less stigma than the pre conception of the diesels of old. The one problem is that there are certain things that you can do that can cause lots and lots of damage to your diesel engine and this is why extreme caution needs to be taken to ensure that your car is running efficient as the day that you bought it. One thing that you really need to do to ensure that your car keeps running is make sure that you NEVER put PETROL in your DIESEL mistake! A petrol in diesel mistake can be very costly and can set you back hundreds even thousand of pounds. Unfortunately this can happen to even the best of us as mistakes can happen. This article is aimed at aiding and assisting you if this does happen to you. The article will discuss some things that you can do to try and reduce the damage and thus reducing the impact on your finances. The article will then conclude by informing you on where you can find more information on misfuelling including petrol in diesel mistake.

As mentioned previously if this happens there are a few things that you can do to minimize the cost and the damage. It is only after you have looked at all of these factors that you can be sure that you have reduced the damage fully. Some of these factors include:

Notice the mistake – one of the best ways to prevent you petrol in diesel mistake costing you dearly is to realize straight away. By this we mean before you start your engine. That way you haven’t let the petrol go through the engine and cause the damage fully.

Know who to go to for help – this is a very important aspect as knowing where to go for help if this does happen can really help save money.



Any diesel car or van owner can make a Petrol in Diesel mistake. Misfuelling can damage an engine and can be very expensive to rectify unless you get in contact with VRD Wrong Fuel. They offer a 24 hour fuel drain service in the West Midlands, South West and South Wales area.