Iron-on Name Labels

Iron-on name labels are a great way of labelling up your children’s school uniforms. Using this kind of name label, you can complete the task in less than 10 minutes. It really is as simple as placing the label on the garment and ironing it down. In fact, if you do it as you iron each item it effectively takes seconds per item.

Other Uses For Iron-on Name Labels

Football clubs and other teams also use these kinds of name labels for their team kit. It is an easy way for the person that washes the kit to identify who each piece of kit belongs to. It prevents disputes about who has lost their socks or team shirt. Because each item is labelled with the name of a team member, it becomes clear who has lost their kit and who has taken care of it.

Iron on labels can also be used as stitching labels, should you prefer to do so. Using glue it is possible to use this kind of label on other items, for example glueing them inside the tongue of a pair of shoes. They can also be stuck onto pencil cases, on the inside of folders and books should you wish to do so. However, it is also possible to buy sticky name labels as well. Given that most companies that sell iron on name labels also sell sticky name labels, it often makes sense to buy both kinds of labels.

Buying Iron-on Name Labels

A few high-street stores still sell name labels for kids. You will find them in stores that sell school uniforms. However, it often makes sense to buy this kind of specialist item from the Internet.

Online you will find several companies that sell iron on name labels. Because all they do is make and sell these labels the quality of their labels is usually exceptionally good. After all, if they were not good quality their business would soon fail. By shopping online, you can also get a better price. In addition, these websites often sell a range of other types of name labels, which are designed for use on other items your children take to school.



For the best selection of iron-on name labels visit the kids label website. There you can order several different types of labels in no time at all.