Stringent environmental testing solutions from Climatic Services

Used only in military applications when first developed and now vital in a number of more commercial industries, environmental testing is an important requirement that tests, in a variety of ways, the capabilities of a particular piece of equipment in withstanding a number of different environmental conditions.

If you’re looking for environmental testing chambers it’s vital that you ensure they’re manufactured to stringent specifications, and supplied by a knowledgeable and reputable company.

Specialising in a number of environmental testing products, Climatic Services are a company who pride themselves on their experience in the industry and their high level of service. With in-house testing at their premises in Fife, Climatic Services are now able to provide their services nation-wide.

With a number of new and used environmental testing chambers available, Climatic Services are able to provide a number of solutions for those who might not have the budget.

With environmental testing chambers available to carry out a number of tests, Climatic Services have environmental testing equipment able to carry out temperature, humidity, thermal shock and stress screening analysis, as well as thermal cycling tests and corrosion tests in their specially designed salt mist cabinets.

In addition to their environmental testing chamber sales, Climatic Services also provide a number of hire solutions for those looking to undertake environmental testing in situations where the equipment is only needed for a few weeks of the year.

Refurbishing and updating older environmental testing chambers, Climatic Services have undertaken work on a extensive array of environmental testing repair on a number of makes and models, and as such are well prepared to carry out maintenance should your equipment fail to perform and meet the strict requirements necessary for comprehensive testing.

For further information about the environmental testing equipment and services available from Climatic Services, visit them online and ensure those environmental testing requirements are fully met.



Environmental testing is needed for a variety of industries and at we can provide environmental chambers for your needs. Visit us today for more information!