Managing Donations to Your Organisation

Whether you run a church or a charity, managing donations can become a long and tiresome process. Not only can there be many hoops to jump through in terms of declaring any money you have received, but with laws changing all the time regarding such charitable donations, being constantly updated on the current legalities is not always easy.

However, one of the biggest issues that can come with charity or Church accounting is dealing with gift aid. Whilst getting a huge percentage extra on each and every charitable donation is very appealing, the paperwork that can come with it and ensuring that people actually offer gift aid donations in the right way is not always easy.

Yet, many organisations are completely unaware how easy it is to source gift aid software to deal with all charitable donations. There will be many programs that deal with charity or church accounting and it is important to make sure that any programs you use also help you to manage your gift aid donations effectively.

Gift aid can be a huge extra injection of cash for many different non-profit organisations. Yet a huge amount of this is completely missed simply due to people not being aware that they can donate with gift aid or simply through organisations having ineffectual means of generating gift aid donations. The right gift aid software will not only make the accounting process far easier, but it will also help you to capture gift aid donations more effectively, and will usually offer a whole array of other options, such as reporting facilities and much more.

The easier it is for you to manage your donations, the more effective each and every donation will be in working for you, and the greater the amount of money you are likely to raise. With some programs even helping you to generate thank you letters, you may also find that it allows you to see people feeling appreciated far more and in turn give time and time again.

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