Modular Clay Products – get hold of those high quality, stylish Roman bricks for your architectural project

Notably thinner and longer than regular bricks, Roman bricks were introduced to countries around the world as the Roman Empire conquered and developed lands. Fired in portable kilns, Roman bricks were often stamped with the mark of the successful Roman legion who supervised their production.

A type of clay brick, Roman bricks remain popular to this day, and were used to great effect by the famed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright in many of his early builds as a way of making more prominent his use of horizontal lines.

Specialising in quality Roman bricks, Modular Clay Products are a company who pride themselves on their quality-made bricks.

Capable of creating a number of different Roman bricks, Modular Clay Products create handmade, slop-moulded, soft mud or extruded wirecut Roman bricks. Available in a variety of shades, the Roman bricks from Modular Clay Products are available for use in a almost any architectural build style – with multi-coloured shades and sleek, sophisticated monotone Roman bricks available. With no standardized dimensions, Roman bricks are manufactured in a number of different lengths and heights.

Working closely with their clients, Modular Clay Products ensure that they fully understand the scope and specific requirements of a project before they offer advice on the style of Roman bricks.

Sourcing and securing the exact Roman bricks you’re looking for Modular Clay Products work hard to see that those projects aren’t hampered by lack of choice or inferior quality products.

As well as their Roman bricks, Modular Clay Products also specialise in the manufacture of a variety of other bricks, from regular UK standard bricks, clay pavers, terracotta and faience bricks, and precast bricks.

To find out more about Modular Clay Products and their high-quality Roman bricks, visit them online today and make sure that you get hold of the best bricks for your architectural projects.



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