Why is Hot Air Ballooning so Popular?

Hot air balloons have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Once a very expensive and niche activity, and an experience very few got to experience for themselves, balloon rides are now available to all at very low prices.

However, the drop in price and the increased availability of balloon rides are not the only reason that hot air ballooning has soared in popularity. Ultimately, many are simply realising just how much of a unique experience ballooning can be. Not only are you able to see some of your favourite areas of the country (or even the world) from a completely different viewpoint, but it is quite simply one of the most relaxing and liberating ways to travel.

It is also one of the gentlest ways to get a genuine adrenaline boost. Whilst jumping out of planes or hopping on a rollercoaster may not be everyone’s cup of tea, hot air balloons offer the same type of excitement and thrilling sensation, but in a much more controlled way and without any of the fear or danger that can be associated with bungee jumping or skydiving.

Hot air ballooning is also a great way of getting back to nature. From your vantage point you get to see areas of genuine natural beauty, many untouched, and depending on when you choose to take your ride, you may also get to experience the perfect sunrise to boot.

Ultimately, ballooning is an experience like no other, offering the perfect mix of excitement and relaxation and being an ideal time to forget all your worries or even get closer to the people or person you love. With hundreds of sites all over the country offering ballooning, it is easier than ever to get a flight in a place that also truly means something to you.

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