The Best Loose Cut Diamond Shapes

Any shopping that involves diamonds is always a treat as these most elegant and mesmerising of precious stones are always a joy to behold.

However, whilst most people will assume that shopping for diamonds equates to shopping for diamond rings, this is not always the case. In fact, many more people are now choosing to buy loose diamonds instead of stones that are already imbedded in jewellery.

Certainly, the purchasing of loose stones is a very different affair to ‘normal’ diamond jewellery shopping. Indeed, when looking to purchase a loose diamond, a buyer needs to focus exclusively on the diamond itself: its clarity, carat weight, colour and cut. The term ‘cut’ can refer to two features of diamond quality – either the shape or the quality of the cutting of the stone (i.e. the ‘cut quality’). Both of these aspects need to be carefully scrutinised by a buyer before they make any purchase.

Many people who buy loose cut diamonds will eventually choose to have their purchases set into jewellery. Thankfully, there are a wide range of cut shapes available so buyers should have no problem accommodating their stones when the time comes to wear them as jewels.

The round diamond shape is a very traditional and therefore perennially popular choice. It can look amazing in a wide range of jewellery settings and styles; however it works especially well in rings, stud earrings and necklaces.

The princess-cut diamond is a great choice for a loose diamond purchase as it is one of the most popular and versatile of all the ‘square’ shapes. Princess loose cut diamonds are a favoured choice for engagement rings as they always looks amazing, especially when they are complimented with smaller surrounding stones.

Also known as a ‘teardrop’, the pear cut is a unique and dramatic shape that is round with a pointed end. This simple yet distinctive shape makes it a great loose diamond purchase choice as it is perfect for pendant necklaces and unostentatious rings.

An emerald cut stone is typically very bold and distinctive i.e. a rectangular diamond with trimmed corners. The fact that there are relatively few facets in an emerald-shaped loose diamond means that it can show flaws or defects more easily than some other shapes. For this reason, buyers must make sure they choose high-quality stones which will provide optimal clarity and brilliance.

The marquise is a uniquely elegant shape which consists of a slim oval with pointed ends. Buying a loose diamond with a marquise shape is a great choice, as it not only looks fantastic in a variety of jewellery forms, it is also makes a truly unique statement. Although marquise stones are very versatile, they are often balanced with accent stones when they are set into jewellery.

With so many wonderful shapes available, buyers of loose diamonds can rest assured that they will always have the perfect option to choose from if they decide to set their stones into jewellery.

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