Will the Olympics Bring You Extra Revenue?

The Olympics are going to have a huge effect on tourism, and in turn a great deal of influence on the profits of many small businesses. Even larger businesses are likely to have a great deal of extra revenue created as the opening ceremony nears, and it is worth remembering that it is not only London that is going to feel the benefit.

Many smaller businesses are making no changes as the Olympics near, feeling that only those based in the capital, and indeed near to the Olympics sites, will benefit. However, very few people are going to travel thousands of miles to just watch one swimming race and then head home. Instead, people are going to travel.

Even residents in smaller towns and cities are likely to be out and about more whilst the Olympics is on, and as the excessive amounts people have paid for tickets for events and even to get their hands on genuine Olympic torches has shown, people still have money to burn even in these more austere times.

However, getting people to spend money will involve a certain conscious approach by businesses. If branding and retail design can be catered towards the Olympics, then people are going to notice your business far more as the event approaches. Likewise, if you can create promotions and indeed offer products that can in some way be tied to the event and your slightly more focused retail design, again you are going to attract far more attention.

The Olympics have also offered businesses a great time to try utilising pop up shops. Those with no presence in London may find that they get a huge amount of interest from people from all over the world once the Olympics has finished, just by having a short term space to sell their wares and promote their products.

In short, the Olympics could be far more lucrative for businesses than many people give it credit for. So taking the time now to slightly alter your retail design and general approach could pay dividends.

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