Septic tank

Checked your septic tank recently? When it comes to a septic tank leak or complete burst, you’re certainly going to know about it. If your septic tank leaks or bursts, you’re either going to hear it happen, or you’ll certainly smell it. I won’t beat around the bush, if you have problems with your septic tank the first indication that something is wrong will certainly be the smell. After all, the septic tank serves a very direct purpose when it comes to managing and disposing of waste. The waste is comprised of three layers in a septic tank, the scum on top, the waste water sitting in the middle layer, and the sludge at the bottom acting as sediment. It isn’t pretty to look at and certainly isn’t pretty to smell either, but if you’re in the business of septic tank repair or replacement you’re going to have to get used to the fact that you may get dirty. Hygiene issues with a septic tank are a given considering it is effectively filled with fresh or old putrid waste, so if you are in the business of dealing with a septic tank or two for your job be sure that you wash your hands thoroughly and shower once you get home. After all, you don’t want to carry the lingering smell of the septic tank everywhere with you, right?


Sometimes your septic tank will fail on you. This does happen from time to time, every mechanical object no matter how complicated or simply is prone to some kind of failure either on a major or minor scale. When your septic tank is refusing to take any waste or is overflowing, or just simply isn’t flushing away the old waste, you need to call a professional. Sometimes the waste can block up the septic tank and in some cases these issues can be fixed by effectively poking the blockage with a rod until it breaks up or simply dislodges, but in more extreme cases you are going to require professionals to take a look at your septic tank and decide on a course of action.



A Septic tank can be essential and we can provide you with a sewage treatment plant to meet your needs. Visit us today for more information!