Transform a basement area using Waterproofing materials

There are many older types of properties that are fitted with cellar areas and the vast majority of these basements could be totally revamped following dampproofing and Waterproofing procedures. The cellars often need Waterproofing because they are below ground level and as such they are prone to damp.

Different methods are used for Waterproofing basement areas and if you are competent at DIY you might want to tackle the project yourself. Or you could simply leave the Waterproofing in the very capable hands of companies that provide dampproofing services for the domestic and commercial sectors.

Either way you’d turn a cold, wet area into a useful room by opting to waterproof the whole of the cellar.

What products are used for Waterproofing?

Years ago treacle-like paint was the main product used for dampproofing basement areas and it was a nightmare to brush onto walls because of its thickness. Today sealing systems can be applied by spray and they provide total Waterproofing in a short period of time.

Use the skills of an experienced contractor to apply the Waterproofing coatings and large areas can be sprayed in next to no time. It’s fast, highly effective and the damproofing systems deliver first-rate Waterproofing solutions that are fast drying and enable you to crack on with a cellar conversion much sooner than anticipated.

Think of how you could benefit from Waterproofing services

At the moment your dark and dingy basement isn’t much use, it’s probably a dumping ground for all sorts of boxes and items that you think you’ll use one day but in reality you won’t. Imagine how the area could be radically altered following a spot of dampproofing, following a course of Waterproofing it’d be ready for a new lease of life.

Undertake Waterproofing in your basement and it could become a new home office, use the area as a home theatre or create a gym where you can shift those excess pounds. Consider Waterproofing the entire area and you’ll be creating a useable space that’ll increase the living area of the property and bump up its value at the same time.

Waterproofing is essential and at we can provide high quality dampproofing to allow you to secure your property. Visit us today for more information!