Use an Electric bicycle for thrifty transport solutions

If you want to leave the car at home from time to time and like the idea of adopting greener methods of transport an electric bicycle is a wonderful idea. The popularity of electric bikes is increasing in this country as people are looking to embrace cleaner types of transport.

It’s not hard to see why an Electric bicycle is so popular because it gives you the best of both worlds. You can still pedal the Electric bicycle if you really want to get those legs pumping or use full electric assist if you are feeling lazy. An Electric bicycle is the ideal city commuter and it’s great for trips to the local shops. There are various benefits to be derived from owning an Electric bicycle let’s look at a few in further detail.

Lower your carbon footprint with an electric bicycle

One of the biggest plus points of electric bikes is their super-duper green credentials. This really is the clean way to get around town and if you value the impact that you are having on the planet an Electric bicycle is the way forward.

You don’t have to pay road tax for an Electric bicycle and you don’t have to pay for pricey fuel as well. An Electric bicycle will help you to cut down on the price of your daily commute whether you normally drive to work or take public transport. Plus there are the health effects to think about with an Electric bicycle, you can get in shape and cut costs at the same time.

Pedal your way back to fitness on an electric bicycle

If you want to get in shape but haven’t exercised for a while an Electric bicycle is a brilliant option. Just think about this option for a minute and you’ll see why an Electric bicycle makes a great deal of sense.

Go for a long ride on your Electric bicycle and you can pedal as much or as little as you like, throttle assist systems are brilliant for tackling hills meaning you can save you energy for the flatter sections of the route. Build up your stamina slowly riding an Electric bicycle and over a period of time you can gradually use pedal power more and electric power less.

Get trim and have fun at the same time riding an Electric bicycle on a regular basis, it’s the greener way to stay in shape.



An electric bicycle can help you to easily get around and we can supply a number of electric bikes for all your travelling needs. Visit us today for more information!