Platform Lifts are the ideal solution for wheelchair access

Are you looking for platform lifts?

If you have a building which is open to members of the public then it is a legal requirement for you to offer disabled people reasonably equal rights of access so that they can enter the building like everyone else. However, there are certain situations when wheelchair access can cause problems, such as in listed buildings when the look of the building and its original features need to be preserved. However, platform lifts are possible in these instances, it is just a matter of finding the right systems to use.

Which are the best platform lifts to use?

There are many different types of platform lifts which can be used for wheelchair access in buildings but one design of platform lifts is the ideal solution for the wheelchair user when they need access via short ride steps. This type of lift is ideal where space is tight because when the lift is not in use then the full width of the staircase can be used for pedestrians to pass through.

Where should I go for the best platform lifts?

Although there are various platform lifts available, one type which is sure to fit all of your requirements is the Sesame System. These platform lifts can either be fitted internally or externally which makes it extremely versatile and, as it blends into the background it is perfect for buildings where it is important to keep the features of the building as close to the original as possible. If you want to find out more about the Sesame System then you should visit where there is much more information about this system.



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