The Extendables.

On a daily basis are you gazing up at your gutters; at the rubble and debris that continues that threatens to knock you clean out as you enter and leave your abode but you don’t have any extension ladders to combat the situation? If you value your life inevitably the gutters must be cleaned out but, should you extend your life insurance policy and start knotting together the bed sheets in an attempt to reach them or simply look for a company who can provide you with extension ladders?

Surely the choice is simple. Extension ladders when in the right hands, can expand your ability to reach the dizzying heights of success above and beyond your everyday ‘stepladder plus willing co pilot’ ensemble that leaves you unable to reach much further than the outstretched reach of you arm. Indeed, whether utilised in a commercial workplace or a domestic home space, extension ladders are simple to use, safe and a much better alternative to struggling through ‘at height’ tasks that require specialist equipment to carry them out effectively.

Across many industries- from construction and cleaning to plumbing and decorating – extensions ladders are made use of on a daily basis. And, from a reputable supplier, extension ladders are not only cheap but also cost- effective with their gains by far outweighing their initial financial outlay.

Hello! Come in and look at the massive range of extension ladders on offer here at Ramsay Ladders! We are fast becoming identifiable through not simply ‘extension ladders’ but also a superior standard of customer care, support and guidance throughout the process of purchasing extension ladders and even beyond when our customer’s extension ladders require maintenance or indeed, replacing.

‘Safe’ extension ladders are at the heart of what our business is all about and prior to any extension ladders purchase, we are one of few companies nationwide to offer a set of user- friendly risk assessment forms as part and parcel of our service package. Our selection of extension ladders are reputably branded and accurately manufactured and thus, remain in line with current health and safety policies.

You shouldn’t need to call upon the BFG when looking to reach overhead tasks so if you require extension ladders, call or visit us for more information today.



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