A1 School of Performance – Just a hop step away from ‘curtains please!’

Whether you are looking for a strictly- style dance school Milton Keynes for yourself, a dance school Milton Keynes for your little wannabe Darcy Bussell or a dance school Milton Keynes to send your wayward teen who for what he lacks in academic prowess, by far makes up for on the dance floor, Arts1 School of Performance should be the only dance school Milton Keynes to consider.

Welcome to Arts1 School of Performance, we are proud to be an all-embracing dance school Milton Keynes who offer a holistic approach to dance classes Milton Keynes for young people and adults alike. Although we are passionate about all areas of the arts including acting and singing, it is dance classes Milton Keynes in which our main expertise lies and to date, we are the only dance school Milton Keynes that houses so much experience and knowledge of the performance industry.

Book your dance classes Milton Keynes at our dance school Milton Keynes and, you can ‘Bust a move’ and break dance; ‘make shapes’ at street dance classes and even pirouette your way to ballet brilliance because, here at Arts1, dance school Milton Keynes, no performing art takes president over another and we appreciate the beauty and skill of all dance forms.

Plus, don’t just take our word for it that we are the number one dance school Milton Keynes! For years we have been the ONLY dance school Milton Keynes accredited by the council for dance and education whilst also being recognised through our Quality Kitemark award. See? Dance classes Milton Keynes really DON’T come better.

Don’t panic though! If you are avid about dance but feel like a fish out of water; a budding Darcy Bussell but have ballet skills reminiscent of a bull in a china shop, fear not. Our dance classes Milton Keynes will take you from the very beginning- step by step – through fun, exciting activities whilst maintaining professionalism and credibility. As an experienced, educated dance school Milton Keynes, we recognise the pressures already existent in the performance world and attempt to keep this separate from how we operate.



No other Dance School Milton Keynes offers the same quality and choice as Arts School of Performance. From street dancing to ballet, from singing to acting, you get more than just Dance Lessons Milton Keynes!