Enjoy the Skydive of your life

Tried bungee? Sick of abseiling? Looking for your next high adrenaline activity? A skydive may be perfect for you. Enjoyed by thousands of people across the globe for the rush of adrenaline it produces, a skydive is the ultimate in adrenaline pumping activities.

A skydive will see you jump from a plane at around 3,000 to 13,000 feet using a parachute to break your fall. It’s likely that you’ll begin your sky diving experience with a tandem skydive. Strapped to a qualified sky diver, you’ll complete the dive together, with the experienced diver operating the parachute. This relieves you of the nerve wracking responsibility of opening the parachute, leaving you free to enjoy the jump. A tandem skydive also means you can start your skydive experience straight away. No formal training is required, although you’ll get plenty of safety training before your tandem skydive.

Another great skydive for beginners is the static line skydive. Again, no formal qualifications are needed as your parachute will automatically open. This time though you’ll go it alone, with no qualified skydiver on your skydive. This type of skydive is a fantastic introduction to the skydiving world and gives you the freedom and exhilaration of a solo dive.

Becoming a qualified skydiver lets you take your skydive experiences that bit further. You’ll undergo a training programme which will give you all the underpinning knowledge and skills you’ll need. Learning about hand signals and safety techniques, your training programme will also see you skydive from higher heights. Once you’re qualified so you can undertake a solo skydive whenever you wish. You’ll have full control of the parachute and may even choose to accompany beginners on their own tandem skydive.

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