Protecting Your Human Assets

Bullet proof vests and other forms of tactical clothing are more advanced than ever before. This means that the lives of troops, law enforcement officers and other security personnel should be safer than they have ever been.

Yet, many organisations are not aware quite how much such technology has come along and just how much difference there is between modern protective clothing and face masks, and those manufactured even just a few short years ago.

It is wise to remember that those people working for you are assets. You will have spent a great deal of money training them and therefore their worth to you is heightened. And just as any physical asset will need regular checks and maintenance, human assets will need the same kind of consideration.

Obviously, the need to protect staff with bullet proof vests and the like extends far beyond the fact that they are an asset, and is much more about ensuring they stay safe and that you are focussed on keeping them alive. And yet, thinking about them as assets will make it easier for you to justify the extra spending on tactical clothing as maintenance to ensure they maintain their worth.

It may be easy to assume that any protective gear will be as good as any other, but just as you would employ new technologies as they are created into an electronic focussed business, it is important to utilise new technologies when you are thinking about protection for humans too.

The added bonus is that, as the quality and ability of such protective gear has increased, prices have actually decreased, meaning that you may well find that furnishing personnel with the very latest safety gear may be a lot less expensive than you expect. And in the process, you protect your assets – which just so happen to be the lives of good people.

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