Choose Solar Garden Lights over Patio Lighting

Although many homeowners choose to go indoors with the night sky descends, others may continue to enjoy the finer qualities of their garden outside of daylight hours. This can be appreciated whilst sitting outside with family members, or hosting a social gathering with friends.

Irrespective of the choice of garden arrangement, whether it is mainly agriculture with grass and plants or combined with paving, wooden decking or chippings, good quality garden furniture allows people to savour every aspect. To combat the departure of natural daylight, garden areas require a light source to prevent people from sitting or walking around in pitch black conditions.

While having a patio light installed which covers the majority of a garden area is effective, solar garden lighting can provide a more beneficial alternative. Non-solar patio lights require a considerable power source to project significant strengths of light which may be overwhelming for certain people. As the area of projected light may not cover an entire garden, it may leave certain features or aesthetical plants left in the dark out of clear view.

Purchasing and positioning solar garden lights across a garden area can provide an invaluable alternative to bring light and true quality. Lights can be either be placed in soil and chippings, or be stood up upon a solid, level surface. Utilising a power source provided by natural sunlight, solar-based lights emit powerful light which can significantly bring out agricultural features, and the entire garden as a whole.

In contrast to patio lights which are traditionally installed upon the side of the household facing the back garden, solar lights can be placed anywhere at a homeowner’s own discretion. Their placement may depend on the layout of garden, although provide a high quality light output that brightens up a considerable area.

Solar lights can also be accompanied by solar panel fairy lights which can be positioned within a tree or shrubbery, or upon a fence. Such lights can be purchased in a number of designs, ranging from normal lights to aesthetical butterflies or flowers to further enhance the visual qualities of any lit-up garden area.

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