Application support is changing – for the better

If you have had experience working with enterprise or business software – an accounting package for instance – then you will doubtless be aware of how difficult it was in the past to get satisfactory support. However, application support has changed radically in more recent years. The programmes themselves have become more reliable, often relying on a common web-aware codebase. A shared codebase across computer platforms, makes it easier for technical support assistants to track down errors, and either solve them on the spot, or at least report bugs to the developers.

Meanwhile, the methods of application support have changed for the better. These days it is not uncommon for a support engineer to log in to a user’s PC from a remote location (this could even be another continent), so they can get an instant picture of the problem. They can assess the issue, its impact, and hopefully deliver a resolution, all as if they were sitting at the user’s desk working alongside them. At the same time, enterprise software providers make searchable knowledge bases of issues and solutions available to internal staff and external users alike. The world of application support has therefore become more open and accessible, often allowing the “wisdom of the crowd” to make a valuable contribution.

Here at Interoute Application Management, a leading European application managed services provider, we are truly making the most of the velvet revolution that has taken place in application support during the past decade or so.

For example, with our Oracle Partner status, we can provide high-pedigree support for Oracle EBusiness Suite, making use of cloud technology. This means that our clients have minimal hardware demands, and minimal configuration hassles. We take care of all the fiddly aspects of integrating high-level applications in to your business. And, this quality service includes expert, friendly, and effective application support.

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