The benefits of working with an Oracle partner

When Larry Ellison, and his two partners, set up their consulting company in 1977 in Silicon Valley, they surely had little idea that it was going to grow in to Oracle, the applications and database giant we know today. Indeed the company plays a vital role in the contemporary industrial and business world, as well as helping to standardise and facilitate corporate IT and application support.

Ellison’s key initiative, back in the 1970s, was to realise the potential in the idea of relational database management system (RDBMS) as realised in IBM’s SQL (structured query language). An RDBMS allows for a more flexible and efficient storage of data, in particularly avoiding repetition in data entry.

Enterprises, large organisations and companies rely on industrial-scale relational databases; systems capable of handling many thousands of simultaneous transactions, as well as being able to retrieve data in milliseconds from tables containing millions of records. Many blue chip companies and organisations all over the world have chosen Oracle as their database solution provider, as well opting for the business applications that complement Oracle databases. A number of these applications are available through application managed services: The provision of software modules remotely, and on-demand, through a web browser, with no requirement for the client to house expensive, demanding hardware.

Here at Interoute Application Management, a leading international application support and network infrastructure provider, we specialise in application managed services. Our Oracle Partner status especially qualifies to address any Oracle issues or challenges that a company or enterprise may face.

For example, your company may have questions about optimising your Oracle databases, ensuring they give the best possible real-time service to external and internal requests alike. That is the exactly the kind of problem that we our experienced consultants will be able to address and resolve for you.

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