Alternative Healing

What is alternative healing anyway? Overall, alternative healing is a highly broad term that can spread across a number of alternative healing methods and therapies. When most people talk about alternative healing they mean the more outlandish alternative healing methods such as using ‘healing crystals’ in order to heal both body and mind. Scientifically this form of alternative healing is baseless and at best a placebo effect rather than anything that can affect people medically. If you’re interested in alternative healing methods you’d better stay away from crystal healing, as the reality is you’ll be spending money on something that doesn’t work to cure what is afflicting you, and will at the very most barely make you feel better through the placebo effect. Acupuncture is another alternative healing method, but this time a little more based in science than in new-age spiritual health through the crystal methods previously mentioned. While acupuncture is a technique of alternative healing based in the slightly mythical concepts of qi and the soul, what it has medically and scientifically down correctly is the concept of pressure points. Pressure points are effectively points on the body that are highly sensitive to pressure and are generally utilised in combat rather than alternative healing, but acupuncture effectively utilises these points to reduce pain in problem areas on the body and help stem nausea and vomiting problems. For the most part the results of this method are down to the placebo effect, but there may be some truth in stimulating the pressure points for effective treatment.


A common form of alternative healing is prayer. It’s deeply rooted in religion and spirituality. In terms of alternative healing it either has the mildest of placebo effects or does nothing at all. Far be it from me to judge a person and their religious beliefs, but as a form of alternative healing prayer is pointless and frankly dangerous if being used instead of conventional medicine. Sadly alternative healing in this destructive form is hard to sway people from, so we can only hope some see the light when it comes to actual medicine rather than buying into sham alternative healing.



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