Climbing Equipment

If you plan on going mountaineering or doing other such rock climbing activities, you need climbing equipment. We’ve all seen the daring exploits of people climbing using their bare hands instead of adequate climbing equipment, but anybody with common sense will tell you that you need climbing equipment if you intend to be safe and secure while performing climbing activities. At the most basic level of learning how to climb, climbing equipment is essential in order to stay safe even in controlled climbing environments such as indoor rock faces. Anybody, amateur or professional will tell you that out there in the real world and even in controlled situations climbing equipment can mean life or death, or at the very least injuries that can be quite severe and impede you for years to come. Everybody knows falling from a height is either death or injury, so why risk such a price by not using climbing equipment? I’m aware of the daredevil climbers that climb with their bare hands and little to no equipment to aid them or prevent them from slipping and falling, but that sort of performance is really only restricted to a few. Even if you had the skill to do such things without climbing equipment, would you really risk your life for the sake of a temporary thrill?


When buying your climbing equipment, ensure you’re getting the finest quality merchandise. Bootleg or poor quality climbing equipment can desperately have an impact on you, perhaps even to the point of leading to death or injury. Imagine you bought bad or fake climbing equipment from a less than reputable seller. If say for instance the metal clip on your harness was not designed for the weight load it is carrying and supporting, or if it just has poor build quality, it could quite easily snap or crack open wide enough to loosen your support ropes. You wouldn’t know it was going to happen until the very last second, and in most cases your reflexes would not be able to save you should your support rope suddenly unravel from the poor quality clip. Buy smart, buy good quality climbing equipment.



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