Rose Trailers LTD – efficient and reliable motorcycle trailers

Looking to transport your motorcycle but unsure quite how to do it? It’s a problem, I grant you; how to get your motorcycle to a new location without riding it there. Tricky.

Until now, it’s been a case of hiring an open sided trailer to do the job, strapping your motorcycle with the utmost of care to ensure that no bumps or knocks send the thing flying into the hard shoulder.

Specialising in innovative, secure motorcycle trailers, Rose Trailers LTD are a company who pride themselves on their range of products. Combining aerodynamic efficiency with a light weight construction, the motorcycle trailers from Rose Trailers LTD are perfect for those with fuel consumption in mind.

With a one-piece body construction moulded from glass reinforced plastic the motorcycle trailers from Rose Trailers LTD feature a fully galvanised steel chassis for hard wearing durability.

With customer testimonials that have praised the efficiency of the motorcycle trailers from Rose Trailers LTD, with one citing their ability to achieve 40mpg on their recent trip to Wales, and 37.5mpg on the way back.

In addition to their single motorcycle trailers, Rose Trailers LTD also have, for those looking to transport more than one motorcycle, twin motorcycle trailers. Built to the same high standards as the single motorcycle trailers, these twin trailers are still compact, with only a slight increase in the width of the chassis.

Working on their next range of products, Rose Trailers LTD are looking to develop a motorcycle loading system which is able to facilitate the easy loading of motorcycles into their motorcycle trailers.

To find out more about the motorcycle trailers from Rose Trailers LTD, visit them online today and make sure that your motorcycles reach their destination in the same condition in which they left, securely held in motorcycle trailers built to last.



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