Unlock Elastoplast healing powers with NLP Training.

Nowadays, given the emphasis on perfection conveyed in every high street rag like’ Closer’ and ‘Now’ ‘I wish I could be more like her’ are words we hear all- too frequently. Jaded with nuances of everyday life, we are a nation of people dissatisfied with the beings we have become; a great shame but true nonetheless.

However, if you are someone who is passionate about changing people’s perceptions of themselves, have you considered unlocking your true healing potential through NLP training?

Hi! We are ‘Aha!’ – Academy of High Achievers – UK leading suppliers of NLP training and DiSC coaching. With a dedication to improving the chances of success for our clients nationwide through a unique approach to NLP training and bespoke coaching that cannot be matched elsewhere; we are fast becoming recognisable through our take on superb customer service and fast, friendly NLP training options.

We aim to sit with each of our potential practitioners to obtain a good outline of their personality before they undertake NLP training through our hub of expertise and once we are happy that NLP training is right for them, we will offer the opportunity to attend one of our ‘1 day intro to NLP training’ workshops that give pupils a great indication of whether indeed, they feel able to thrive under the calibre of training required to successfully pass an NLP training course.

Upon completion of this in-depth introduction to NLP training and if both parties pleased with how the process is unfolding, pupils will then enroll onto their chosen NLP training and begin a brand new career path.

NLP training will equip you will all the necessary skills to help reprogramme even the most stubborn of brain functions. Throughout our fun but effective approach to NLP training you will undergo a number of assessments- practical and theory based – to aid you future clients’ transition from disgruntled frustration with their mundane existence to a more-than contented quality of life but fear not, each and every one of the tests you will undertake, it will be made certain that you are ready, prepared for the questions and tasks required of you.

If you feel ready for a change of direction and want to learn more about our NLP training options, visit or call today for more information.



NLP Training from aha-success.co.uk. We have a well-established status in supporting the continuous personal and professional development of coaches and trainers. This can be achieved through the NLP Courses.