Why Corsets Are Back

For decades, corsets were worn by every woman. They date back to 2000 BC and examples can be found in every culture on earth. However, by the 1900s they were no longer being widely used. There are several reasons for this the main one being that old-fashioned corsets restricted freedom of movement too much.

However, now they are back. Fortunately, modern corsets give you a great figure without the terrible restriction of freedom of movement you suffered with old-fashioned corsets. Many modern women find the idea of having a spectacular looking figure simply by wearing a corset appealing. For this reason, they are once again growing in popularity. However, they are not just being worn as undergarments. Increasingly women are using them in place of T-shirts, tops and blouses and they look great when they do so.

Tips for Buying Corsets

Some women are a little daunted by buying a corset. This is because they have never bought one before, so they feel that they do not know what to look for. However, with a few simple tips getting the purchasing process right is easy.

The first thing to do is to establish what size corset you need. The best approach is to measure your waist as it is. It is best to then order a corset that is 2 to 4 inches smaller than your actual waist measurement. Look for a corset that is fully adjustable to ensure that you get a good fit. The most figure flattering corsets have an underbusk and lacing. If you wish to you can buy them with suspenders attached. It is even to possible to buy them with detachable suspenders. When it comes to buying a corset, it is well worth spending a little bit extra and buying a good quality one. Cheap corsets do not provide adequate support and soon fail.

Where to Find the Best Corsets

You will find the best selection of corsets on the web. Specialist lingerie websites usually have the biggest range. In addition, on these websites you will find more tips for choosing a corset and instructions on how best to put them on and take care of them.


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