Adventure holidays in the mountains all year round

People flock to the mountains in the winter to take advantage of the snow. Skiing is hugely popular with people of all ages and backgrounds. But when spring rolls around the winter snows melt and fade away, the mountains become a playground for a very different type of visitor. There’s action and adventure to be had on the slopes all year round.

One of the best ways to enjoy the mountains in summer is a on a bike. And not just any old bike. Mountain bikes add a whole new element of fun and excitement to cycling. Thrill seekers can get off road and tackle the trails for a truly white knuckle experience. Hikers and climbers flock to the mountains too to take advantage of the benign conditions and to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

The best way to enjoy all of this is on organised packaged activity holidays. On a break like this visitors get to enjoy a whole range of activities. Guides are on hand to help, advise and organise. They’ll arrange everything from climbing trips through to bike hire. People who come on these specially organised adventure holidays don’t miss out on anything.

Not everyone wants to laze around on holiday. Some people have trouble sitting still and relaxing. They want to be up and about, doing, enjoying and experiencing. Activity holidays are perfect for people looking for something different. Those resort hotels and pools get pretty boring after a few days anyway.

The mountains of Europe are the perfect playground for thrill seekers and have all the facilities and ingredients for perfect adventure holidays. And what better backdrop than the magnificent Alps for a great week of biking, climbing and walking? The mountains make for a great summer break. The Alps aren’t just for skiers to enjoy.

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