How Mobile Screening Can Improve Call Centre Productivity

There are many things that can make a call-centre more productive, from training and staff selection right through to implementing the right hardware and software. The ultimate aim for any call centre is to ensure that as many people are spoken to as possible, and that those that are contacted are people who are relevant to any specific campaign.

Of course, other things will come in to play too, and it will be important to balance keeping calls brief and in turn speaking to many people, and ensuring that each customer contacted is given enough information for them to make up their mind about what they are being offered.

Therefore, it is not always easy to increase the number of people that are spoken to without risking it affecting the success rate of a campaign. However, the right call centre software can make sure both happen simultaneously.

Mobile screening sorts out the good numbers from the bad, ensuring that only those phones that are in use and switched on are called. Not only will this type of call centre software help ensure that there is a higher success rate of calls being answered, but it will also save companies a great deal in wasted phone bills. The same software ensures that only people who are in the country at the time are called and therefore, by avoiding higher call charges or excessive costs just to speak to an answer phone, not only is success rate increased, but costs are simultaneously lowered.

Combined with predictive dialling software, mobile screening will ensure that far more calls can be made by every single member of staff, every single day. With mobile screening and predictive dialling software, more customers will be spoken to and overheads will be lower and therefore not only will a great deal of money be saved, but staff will also be far happier at their success rate too.

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