Gain A Bird’s Eye View With Helicopter Trips

Helicopter trips can be some of the most memorable experiences you have with flying, simply because of the nature of the aircraft. Unlike an aeroplane the helicopter can give fantastic views that you can really take in because of the amount of visibility offered. It is the best way to gain a bird’s eye perspective on a familiar place for a surprisingly affordable price. For as little as £50 a trip can be arranged that could take you on a tour of the Peak District, taking in the natural and man-made beauty of this uniquely British landscape. The best Peak District helicopter trips will take you to visit the famous Derwent Dam as you have never seen it before. Alternatively, if you are in the North West of England you can take helicopter pleasure flights around Blackpool and Preston. There are many areas of greenbelt around Preston which are great to see from the air and Blackpool offers sights of the famous tower and the Pleasure Beach.

These flights are designed to be given as gifts and the voucher should be available for about 1 year to allow the recipient to make good on the offer. The price usually varies with the amount of time spent in the air. A 10 minute trip should cost around £50 with the price increasing according to the sight that will be visited. A 30 minute trip can cost as much as £120, but this all depends on where the helicopter is scheduled to visit. The price may also depend on the type of aircraft being used, with larger ones typically coming in at higher prices.

It is well worth checking to see what offers are available because discounts can be made on last minute bookings. This could reduce the amount you pay for helicopter pleasure flights significantly.

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