Fitness Training Course

If you are interested in working in the fitness industry a fitness training course is well worth considering. By taking one of these courses, you can quickly establish whether a career as a fitness trainer is really for you.

What is Involved in a Fitness Training Course?

There are several different kinds of fitness training courses available in the UK and the contents of each course vary. However, they all involve learning about human anatomy in detail. They also cover the role of nutrition in fitness as well as how the body responds to exercise. Most courses also cover basic health and safety protocols and first aid.

There are several different levels of course available. The most basic one is the level 2 course, which is designed to give you the skills you need to work as a gym instructor or something like an aerobics instructor. It is the course most people entering the industry take. Once they have been working in the industry for a while and know the work is for them a lot of people go on to take the level 3 course. This course is far more detailed it allows you to do things like work with GP referrals and offer additional services such as sports massage.

Finding a Good Quality Fitness Training Course

If you are considering a career in fitness training, it is very important to search out a good quality course. You need to train with a college or organisation whose qualifications are recognised by the industry. The last thing you need is a certificate that no one in the sports, leisure and fitness industry recognises as of value or relevance.

If you can find a fitness training course that is run by a National Skills Academy (NSA) provider and whose qualifications are recognised by REPs take that course. The standard of the training you get is good and qualifications from these providers are widely recognised and valued. It is important to realise that not all of the training takes place in a gym or fitness environment. A lot of the training is book based or delivered in the form of the printed word or videos online. To pass you need a good standard of English reading and comprehension.


CMS Fitness provides a good quality level 2 fitness training course . Once you have completed that course successfully, you can take their level 3 courses.