Anonymous HIV Testing to Reassure You

It is thought that around 86,500 UK residents are living with HIV, including as many as 26% people who have this deadly virus and don’t even know it. Believed as being more prolific amongst homosexual men, as many as half of new sufferers can actually be infected through heterosexual sex, although 38% of those who have HIV in the UK are still men who engage in sexual intercourse with other men.

The consequences of having HIV are particularly bad, even though many people can live without demonstrating any symptoms for years. This is a virus which attacks the body’s immune system and which can lead to AIDS, as well as meaning the body is more susceptible to other serious conditions such as cancer and pneumonia. It is transferred through the exchange of bodily fluids – through unprotected sex, sharing needles and even through birth and breastfeeding a baby.

The only way to quell any fears about whether you have this virus is to have an HIV test. Blood tests don’t always detect HIV because this particular test won’t be carried out unless you request and/or consent to it. What’s more it can take as long as three months to detect HIV in the blood.

Having an HIV test at your local GP will mean that it goes on your medical record and can then be seen by any other national health professionals who may look after you at some point in your life, irrespective of what the results are. Being tested at a private clinic, however, will remain completely private. It won’t be recorded on your medical record or seen by anyone outside of the private clinic.

A private clinic may not even ask for your real name and address, meaning you can keep the whole process completely anonymous if you so choose, but still get the results which can put your mind at rest.

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