Five moves towards better content

Google’s Panda updates have definitely persuaded many individuals that using high-grade SEO content is more important than ever before. Although Google’s Penguin update seems to have targeted dodgy links, some people have considered that the use of high-quality content is a suitable response in this context too. Given that content-based approaches can lead to a healthy link profile, this perspective has real merit. It all means that there is extra demand for excellent content, but how can this demand be met on a daily basis?

Idea generation

Producing blog posts or articles every day can seem like a daunting task. In certain sectors, it can be quite a challenge. Producing industry news with interesting comment is one way out of this dilemma. However, a news-only diet will not always appeal to users, so it is sometimes necessary to brainstorm and research around the relevant area you want to talk about. Research invariably pays off – it may take time, but the more familiar you are with a topic the simpler it is to write informatively about it.

Content planning

Without content planning, SEO copywriting can be a bit of a struggle and anxiety about being able to produce another piece of work can be paralysing. It is important to remember that copywriting is not like producing a novel or a poem. Writer’s block does not apply. A great way of reducing stress is to employ a content plan. If you know how much work you are going to do in a given time period then writing SEO content is much easier to achieve. Breaking up a workload into smaller portions will mean you can more easily hit that deadline without panicking.

Read like a user

Dull and irrelevant content is the bane of the internet. When you have produced an article, you should always check it for content quality in terms of accuracy. Spotting spelling errors and identifying grammar mistakes is worthwhile. However, it pays to read the work again. If you are bored reading through your article then it is sensible to try to make significant improvements. Internet users usually appreciate graphics and videos, but using them may not always be practical. So instead, you should focus on making your text livelier and more engaging.

Focus on the target audience

If you want to keep the topic relevant, you should have a good knowledge of the target audience. You can usually find out more about your audience through social media sites. Cultivating good relationships with users on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ can usually mean that users shed a lot of light on their preferences and interests. The comments which they may leave on a blog can also be revealing.

Share don’t steal

It is critical to develop the right attitude to SEO copywriting from the outset. It is fine to get the odd idea from another site. However, if the information is not modified in a big way then it is sometimes a good idea to publicly admit where you got it from. Mentioning a particular report as a source makes a blog post look professional and if the authors of the report stumble on their article then they will not feel that their efforts have been taken advantage of.

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