Beth Tweddle uses ice pack in Olympic preparation

When people take part in sports, they place their bodies under considerable strain and so it is no surprise that they sometimes need to make use of sports supports. Meanwhile, with the Olympics set to get underway later this month, many athletes are undergoing intensive training, putting themselves at even greater risk of injury.

One woman who has been making use of a special sports ice pack is gymnast Beth Tweddle. The 27-year-old recently noted that without her ice machine, she may not be going to the Olympics, the Metro reports.

The three-time world champion underwent keyhole surgery on her knee earlier this year and had been facing a race against time to prepare for the London Games, which is to be her last before retirement.

To help her, she was given special cooling equipment. About this, she said: “British Gymnastics provided me with an ice machine, something you can connect yourself up to which ices the area required.”

After returning the machine, she sourced another one, which she has been using at night. About this, she said: “I am sleeping with the ice machine for company; it connects to an ice pack which runs from above my knee to halfway down my shin and ices and compresses, which is vital as there is not the time during a day’s training.”

It seems as though this cooling technology has helped her a lot. She remarked: “I’m fit, healthy and my rehab has gone well so I hope that gives me enough time to be ready.”

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