Balancing Colour And Texture

Using different colours when it comes to luxury handbags and leather purses can be very tricky. It is expected that most of these accessories be in neutral colours like white, black, cream and beige, but going for more exuberant colours can be a recipe for disaster, particularly if the owner has nothing to combine them with. Pinks can present some of these problems because of the likelihood the purse or handbag will look garish or at worst, not justify its price tag. Pastel pinks can help to reduce the often bad connotations that come with hot pink and the difficulty of combining it with other pieces of apparel. Basing the colour on naturally occurring colours that blend well with the natural world is a great start however, and those based on particular types of flowers can help to create a tone and texture set that is expressive just to the right degree that can allow expression that will stand up to scrutiny in even the most high class of establishments.

Turquoise is a similarly difficult colour to properly balance with the environment. It should strive to embody the texture and variety of hues that come with associated paradise lagoons, those colours which offer tonality and gradients. Solid turquoises are probable not the best colours for luxury handbags and leather purses, in particular. Having crocodile and snake skin finishes can add that necessary layer of texture which brings lighter and darker shades to what would otherwise be a very bold, solid block of colour which might be difficult to work against. These colours can be very demanding of attention, particularly when they are used as the primary colour of a large handbag. It can also become more difficult to work in other contrasting tonalities like gold hardware, for instance.

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