providing healthcare and pharmaceutical industry with thermal validation

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries are highly regulated environments based on verifiable research, evidence and record- keeping; not estimations and assumptions. Including thermal validation, these environments are constantly monitored for consistency and safety. And, through the use of branded temperature monitoring equipment, you can be confident in the knowledge that you’ve done everything possible to remain within the ‘safe’ boundaries of health and safety at work guidelines.

If you operate in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, reliable, quantifiable temperature monitoring equipment is vital to ensure the safety of the products you both produce and store. Accurately maintained and well calibrated equipment guarantees that it operates optimally at all times and temperature monitoring systems are critical to sustain the efficiency of the technologies within your workplace.

Solutions 4 Science are committed to designing, manufacturing and distributing high- quality, reliable temperature monitoring products to facilitate harsh industrial environments. This devotion is reflected in the way in which they source revolutionary temperature monitoring systems; by scouring the market regularly; looking out for forward- thinking equipment and technology that can drive them into the forefront of nondestructive temperature monitoring equipment.

Equally committed to providing their customers, suppliers, business partners, employees and neighbours with healthy and safe environments to reside within, Solutions 4 Science conduct all business activities – whether it be the production of temperature monitoring products on site or installing temperature monitoring equipment externally – with a emphasis on reducing the environmental impact.

It’s not often that temperature monitoring systems fail but, when they need installing, maintaining, repairing or calibrating, Solutions 4 Science are proud to have a team of expert individuals who- with a wealth of temperature monitoring experience – can undertake a huge range of tasks including warehouse mapping, cold chain vehicle validation and complete cold chain management.

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