Safe as Houses security training courses

Private Security Authority (PSA) compliant security training courses are mandatory for any security professional; that much is fact. Never having to nudge your guards from their land of nod after a particularly rich take out lunch – even after their successful completion of security training courses – however, is certainly not factual nor is having to remind them that – without eyes on the back of their head – they will have to actually become vertical and put one foot in front of the other in order to protect your property from uninvited guests and all this is AFTER attending their security training courses!

Here at Meridian Security LTD. we remain adamant that security training courses must be an ongoing learning process to instill and maintain a passion for the security profession in your staff and – providing a huge range of security training courses to companies nationwide – we ensure that upon completion of one course, there’s always another to move onto.

A typical sequence of security training courses from us goes as follows: Basic guarding skills (to legally enter the profession) to door security (a holistic course that provides a basic understanding of guarding a number of venues) to relevant security training courses (either retail or event) to security systems procedures (using surveillance equipment) right through to security training courses that enhance continual professional development like: conflict management, key holding, Health & Safety at Work and First Aid. All of the security training courses on offer have been verified as lawfully- sound and can ensure that both you and your security staff are protected from the authorities should an unwarranted attack occur in the workplace.

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