Medical Massage

Sportsmen and women all over the world will have at some point in their career received a medical massage of some sort, with many having them on a daily basis if they are injured or recovering from an injury. Also a medical massage is becoming a popular form of treatment to the average man or woman on the street as Doctors look at other ways of treating severe and chronic pains.


A medical massage is basically a therapeutic massage that concentrates on certain illnesses or conditions, illnesses and conditions that have already been diagnosed by a doctor or other medical physician. You may be suffering from sciatic pain or another form of severe nerve neuralgia, or you could be suffering from hypertension for example. All of these conditions and many more can be treated with a medical massage. A therapist will then use and apply a number of different massage techniques to try and ease, or cure the pain. One technique that is commonly used is that of soft tissue mobilisation, a technique that has produced excellent results over the years.


The problem with going to see your doctor is that you may have to wait to see a medical massage therapist as waiting lists are often very long. You can of course search the internet for a qualified therapist in your own local area and choose to have your treatment done privately. If this is your preferred route of treatment make sure your chosen therapist has all of the necessary qualifications before having any treatment.


Check their websites to see what services they actually offer, and also check out how much they charge. Some may charge more than others so be careful to check them out thoroughly before booking an appointment. If they have a testimonials page take time to read through them and see for yourself if they are worth contacting. You may of course know someone who has also suffered from a similar complaint to yourself. If so ask them if they can recommend a medical massage therapist to you, or put you in touch with someone that can.



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