Capital Badges – quality name badges, for accurate and professional titular display

So those employees are able to come and go as they like, with no means of tracking down or identifying them. Things are getting a little bit unruly on the work floor. You need to put a stop to this free association and anonymity.

Aside from their more disturbing capitalist purposes, name badges provide a handy way to identify people, perhaps at those promotional stands and out in the street for those in the profession of approaching strangers and trying to establish a rapport.

Included in their range of name badges, Capital Badges have a great range of PVC cards available – and to complement them, they also stock a great selection of card holders to ensure that your name badges remain safe and easily visible.

One of the leading providers of name badges and identification products, Capital Badges are a company who enjoy an excellent reputation for their for their quality level of service and sophisticated, well-made products. Family-run and based in Hertfordshire, Capital Badges provide name badges for customers as far away as Dubai and America, catering also to those across mainland Europe.

As well as their range of quality name badges, Capital Badges have a wide and exhaustive selection of other badges, for those looking for school badges, lanyards and a whole host of other badge and identification equipment.

If you can’t find the name badges you’re looking for, Capital Badges have a variety of customisable products available to their customers, ensuring that no matter your requirements, you’ll get the name badges you’re looking for.

To find out more about the name badges from Capital Badges and to see their full selection of name badges, visit them online today and ensure that you have the identification products you need to ensure a level of safety and professionalism in your place of work.



Research has shown that name badges promote trust for your organization and transparency. We recommend Capital Badges as specialists in this area because they are able to supply bespoke badges such as ID badges.