Building Companies London

Do you know how many building companies there are in London? The number of building companies in London has been rising exponentially over the last few decades as urban renewal and many projects for private and public facilities have begun. The city of London started getting renewed three decades ago with the redevelopment of the docklands, a number of building companies in London set themselves up in order to take advantage of this boom in building work and have since been coasting along just fine due to constant workloads. As the city builds over itself and renews itself constantly, it is also expanding outwards, giving building companies in London even more to do. Facilities, homes, offices, factories and processing plants, all these have had to be built by building companies in London from the ground up because of the land needing developing. You might wonder if there is any monopolistic intent amongst the building companies in London, and you might be onto something by suggesting just that. While they are not household names to you and me, a number of building companies in London are very much known in construction circles and a number of them are always at the top of the list when it comes to being awards public and private contracts.

The reasoning for this starts very small, certain building companies in London manage to beat their competitors out on a basis of price and price alone. You might say this is just how capitalism works but there are a number of workarounds that are allowing these building companies in London to have such low prices, this involves clever accounting and employment by hiring building staff on a temporary contract basis in order to pay them less and pass the saving along to the ones awarding the contract, and some less than legal methods that involve people who are not licensed to work within the country but need the money, and will work for however little the building companies in London pay them. Not all building companies in London are like this, but there are scandals waiting to be unearthed.

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