Safety Wear

Are you aware of how important safety wear is? If you’ve not worked on a factory floor or any kind of industrial or manufacturing base, you can easily dismiss safety wear as something health and safety brought in to make your life hard. The reality is that safety wear safeguards functions and can protect people from serious injury. Let’s start with the basics of safety wear. Imagine you’re working in a wood, metal, or glass cutting factory and you do away with the safety wear. The number of potential hazards increases dramatically. Let’s say because of the lack of safety wear someone gets a glass shard in their eye because of not having protective goggles on, that’s basically an employee who can sue your business for potentially millions for gross negligence on the part of the employer. Let’s say someone cuts a finger off because they aren’t wearing safety wear that allows them to keep a good grip on a piece of wood, metal, or glass. In the case of glass or metal say it is heated in order to make it easy to cut, a lack of safety wear when holding these materials could lead to terrible burns as a result of this.

These are just the very front of the safety wear range and the potential injuries that can occur from ignoring them. More advanced forms of safety wear include respirator masks in order to have safe and breathable air when working in an environment that uses materials that creates a lot of noxious fumes. The lack of safety wear may cause short term problems like asthma and other breathing issues, but in the long run could result in cancers as a result of the chemicals in the fumes. Acid protection is also a highly important piece of safety wear, especially when dealing with highly corrosive acids. Depending on the acid the injuries can range from irritated and cracked skin at the least, and horrifying flesh dissolving burns that severely incapacitate someone due to a lack of proper safety wear. These are just the start of safety wear and what it can do to protect you and others.

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