The range of Glass Beads

Glass beads and metallic beads are both popular choices for creating jewellery and arts and craft items. Within the range of glass beads there are so many different designs to choose from and these allow people to create some wonderful creations that are truly unique. In recent years the craft market has flourished as more and more people have got into arts and crafts such as card making, scrap booking and jewellery making. Due to the rise in demand for these products there is a now a much greater choice of glass beads, metallic beads and other craft items to meet the demand from consumers. Glass beads and metallic beads are most commonly sold by arts and crafts or jewellery making retailers and many online retailers stock a wonderful selection of glass beads at excellent prices.

The choice of glass beads includes discs, donuts, animal and butterfly beads, facets, flower beads, squares and rectangles, bead strings, tubes, rounds ovals, heart and stars, flowers, leaves, Pandora style beads, summer beads and Murano style glass beads. All of the ranges of glass beads come in many different colours, shapes and sizes and the price per bead will depend on the specific design. As well as being used to make jewellery glass beads and metallic beads can be used to decorate home wares, textiles, clothes, shoes and many other arts and crafts items. Many retailers will sell glass beads either individually or in bulk quantities. Buying in bulk usually means that glass beads or metallic beads work out cheaper per unit so this is the best option if people need a lot of the same beads for a project.

Metallic beads come in various shades of gold, silver, pewter and bronze and some retailers will also stock a range of coloured metallic beads. Metallic beads come in a wide range of different designs such as flowers, hearts, stars, patterned shaped, circles, shells, animals, butterflies and many other designs. Metallic beads and glass beads can be mixed to create stunning pieces of jewellery such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings. They can also be mixed to embellish cushions and other home furnishings for people who want to customise their own items using glass beads or metallic beads.

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