Dita Glasses

Dita is a relatively new name in the world of designer eyewear but in the relatively short years since 1996 they have become one of the best known names in high quality glasses. Many celebrities have been seen sporting the retro styled look and the beautifully crafted precious metal frames that are favoured by the American designers. From sunglasses to prescription glasses you can find the ideal pair and you will find it difficult to look at another pair of glasses in the same way again.


Jeff Solorio and John Juniper had been friends since grade school and in 1996 they created the first pair of Dita frames. Their love of 1950s to 1980s design meant that the pair decided to create these retro styled designs but using contemporary and modern materials; materials that offer the glasses a quality and resilience that we need to rely on when donning a pair of glasses every day.


Perhaps one of the greatest benefits and biggest selling points of Dita glasses is that the logo is subtly blended into the frame. Whereas other labels and designers opt for a more brash logo, Jeff and John decided that it should be the frames themselves that stood out and so they continue to use a logo that is virtually indistinguishable from the frame of the glasses.


Brad Pitt, Kate Hudson, and Penelope Cruz have all been seen wearing Dita frames and these are just a few of the A List celebrities and major names that are dedicated wearers of these stunning glasses. Open a celebrity magazine and you are likely to find at least one person sporting a pair of Dita glasses. This is the history and heritage that you are buying into when you buy your first pair.


Quality and attractive designs are backed up by the use of expensive and durable materials. You can enjoy frames that are made from a range of materials including 18 carat gold, white gold, and titanium. The glasses are built to last and this has helped John and Jeff build a reputation for creating top quality, designer eyewear.


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