Cheap PPI Reclaim

So what is cheap PPI reclaim? If you go by the name along cheap PPI reclaim is effectively about reclaiming miss-sold payment protection insurance from a bank on a loan or a credit card. PPI is effectively a monthly payment to ensure that should you lose your job or whatnot that you are still about to make the regular payments on your loan or credit card bill. The reason you can get cheap PPI reclaim is because a court case determined that banks had often miss-sold PPI to people who didn’t know they were getting it or did not require it. Basically cheap PPI reclaim is reclaiming your PPI through a third party, the third party are effectively solicitors or claims management companies. When you look for cheap PPI reclaim you are looking for a claims management company that does not take too much money off the top of your winnings should you get any, or does not charge exorbitant amounts of money to take on your claim. Basically cheap PPI reclaim is taking the case to the bank to deal with. From there a liaison period between the claims management company and the bank will take place at which a settlement or lack of is determined.

When you look for cheap PPI reclaim you might be conned into thinking you can only use a solicitor or claims management company to get what you want, this is not the case. Basically cheap PPI reclaim can be done as cheap as possible through yourself. You can send the claim to the bank and they can deal with you directly, cutting out the middle man and ensuring you get the maximum of any settlement offered. In order to do this you must write to your bank and make it very clear you want your PPI on your loan or credit card looked at by the relevant department. Ensure to list the product number so it can be traced, and they should get back to you within a week. For cheap PPI reclaim you can either use a third party, or do it yourself.



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