The choice of LED Bulbs

LED bulbs and LED downlights are fast becoming the favoured choice with people who are looking for more energy efficient, cost effective and greener lighting solutions. LED bulbs are designed to be long lasting and power saving without compromising on quality. Lots of homes and businesses are changing all their bulbs to LED bulbs as they realise the many benefits that they offer. With traditional bulbs being phased out in favour of greener alternatives LED bulbs are proving to be the most popular alternative with customers. They will cost a little more to purchase than some other types of bulbs but they should last up to 15 years and this is where people will save lots of money on light bulbs. LED bulbs are available in a number of different styles to fit wall lights, down lights, light fittings, lamps, outdoor lights and commercial lighting systems.

The main advantage of LED bulbs and LED downlights is that they will dramatically reduce the electrical consumption compared to most other types of light bulbs. This means people will pay considerably less to light their home or business premises with the added advantage of the the bulbs lasting much longer than traditional light bulbs. LED bulbs come in a number of different watts and voltages to suit all lighting applications and many retailers will sell LED bulbs in bulk packs which work out cheaper than buying individual LED bulbs. 4 watt LED bulbs are designed to replace the standard 50w halogen bulb and claim to use up to 90% less power.

If people have a number of downlights in their home or business premises then they are likely to be paying a lot of money to run these. If customers choose to switch to LED downlights with LED bulbs they can make considerable cost savings and this is vital for large premises that use many lights for long periods of time. LED downlights and LED bulbs are now widely used in commercial premises such as hotels, hospitals and other places where lighting is used for 24 hours a day to save money and reduce CO2.



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