Car Battery

You need to be aware of safety procedures when handling a car battery. With a car battery your first primary concern is trying not to get yourself electrocuted. Removing the car battery with the car itself running asking for all kind of injuries, the least of which actually being the aforementioned electrocution. If the engine is running while you remove the car battery you could in theory end up injured through any number of moving parts in the engine itself, let alone any injury you may incur due to the immense heat of the engine running. To remove a car battery safely, first of all ensure the car engine is shut off, and if you’ve been running the car before the car battery removal be sure to give the engine adequate time to cool down first to avoid any burns you may get by touching the engine components. The second biggest risk of handling a car battery is leakage from the battery. The battery acid inside the car battery is immensely dangerous, and if you were to handle the battery with it leaking you are putting yourself at considerable risk as the acid inside a car battery is corrosive to the skin and could permanent damage your skin, and in the worst case lead to amputations of areas where the car battery acid has spilled.

Outside these two major risks the dangers of car battery handling are comparatively little, the worst of which is accidentally dropping the car battery onto a hand or foot and having broken bones as a result. It is best to keep your car battery out of the reach of children when charging it, as they can potentially suffer an electric shock if they were to tamper with the car battery while it was charging. Once the car battery has adequately charged be sure to turn off the charger before you attempt retrieving the car battery, or else you could get an electric shock as a result of doing so. Complying with these methods should ensure safe removal, charging, and replacement of your car battery, so be sure to take heed.

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