Celluar Confinement System

protection of tree root systems when a road or driveway is needed. These cellular confinement systems protect the roots of the tree underground, but also protect them from heavy traffic from vehicles crossing on the surface road. Most cellular confinement systems are supplied flat packed and can be easily transported and installed on site.


The cellular confinement systems used for tree root protection ensure that the weight of the vehicles crossing over the roots on the surface road is spread laterally across the system reducing the weight load on the soil below. In a situation where there is a tree roots system below ground without a cellular confinement system in place the surface would become rutted and the force pushing down onto the ground would more than likely damage the tree root system killing the tree.


If you are looking for a company in your local area that supply cellular confinement systems then a good place to start looking is in the local trade directories or your local newspapers. Both of these publications usually carry advertisements for companies to promote their services and products in the local area. Take a look around some of the advertisements and contact a few of these companies for a quotation for cellular confinement systems to suit your needs.


Another great place to find a cellular confinement specialist supplier is online via the internet. Most companies now have a website where they showcase their services and products to the world. It is easy to find these companies on the internet, all you need to do is go to an online search engine and type in the words ‘cellular confinement systems’ and it will return a list of company websites specialising in cellular confinement systems. If you are looking for a company in your local area specifically then just add your locality to the end of your search and it will return just companies I your local area. Browse through some of the websites to get an idea of what is currently on offer until you find a company that can supply your needs.



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