“CTL ALT DEL’- off!

‘EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN!’ – Not again! You think. But that’s ok; I’ll just call the IT crowd downstairs. Even if they simply instruct me to “switch it off and back on,” that’s fine; just as long as they get me back up and running again. I don’t need professional IT consultancy Ireland because I’ve got a team of ICT technician’s just downstairs working from the kitchen. Without fingering the four fingered delicacies or supping their weight in strong tea; I’ve got my own in-house IT consultancy Ireland that can sort out every one of my IT tales of woe- instantly!

And… wake! That’s right; it was all a dream. Indeed, no one is lucky enough to have their own personal IT consultancy Ireland at home. In fact, most people don’t even have a friend they can call in times of catastrophic IT failure; never mind a team of skilled professionals with the knowledge to give them the help they need. The same can be said about business too and in these times of financial hardship, companies across the world are unable to employ their own IT department to offer continuous network maintenance and support throughout the working day.

Reactive to these very real circumstances, Ctec Computer Services was established in 2007 when they began offering superb IT consultancy Ireland to a small scope of companies across the region. Since their inception however, they have only continued to grow, and they are now proud to supply a fault free yet affordable IT consultancy Ireland service to a veritable plethora of industries including law, electrical services, financial services and even commercial displays developers. They house a team of dedicated individuals each with a vast background in providing computer networking solutions as well as holistic IT consultancy Ireland and remain passionate about seeking new, revolutionary approaches to undertaking their work.

Under the umbrella term ‘IT consultancy Ireland,’ Ctec Computer Services offer support with network cabling & communication, virus filtering, equipment support contracts and remote desktop services. They are cost-effective and always at the end of the phone when you need them most.

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