Drip, Drip, DRIP OFF!

“Who’s that tapping at the wiiiiindow? who’s that knocking at the dooooooor?” – the age- old schoolroom nursery rhyme lyrics that children all over the world sing on a daily basis to learn skills of song, simple rhythm and vocabulary but here at the Roof Proofers, we bet you couldn’t have imagined their two of the most common questions we’re asked so frequently could you? But without waterproofing Johannesburg they’re certainly the questions we’re consistently being asked!

Constant dripping noises from above? An aggravating knocking sound when it rains? Waterproofing Johannesburg from us can put paid to both of these issues; swiftly, safely AND securely! With four decades carrying out roof repairs Johannesburg, we offer a whole range services like damp proofing, painting, coating and waterproofing Johannesburg and can undertake any scale projects within the workplace and the home.

We have a small professional team of individuals who promise to undertake all waterproofing Johannesburg- no matter how big or small- with the same care and attention to detail and, whereas professional, so-called ‘expert’ waterproofing Johannesburg entails little more than paving the cracks with silver Bitumen; our waterproofing Johannesburg techniques are truly revolutionary and have been specifically designed to withstand the South African heat. In short, our waterproofing Johannesburg systems have been designed and developed to keep your roof space cool and covered, to ensure that our UV protective and reflective top coat gives you longer lasting, flawless protection from all harsh weather conditions.

Our waterproofing Johannesburg is inexpensive, cost-effective and infallible and we even tackle problematic roof coverings that incorporate skylights and uneven surfaces. A Jack of all Trades; we can repair chimney leaks, tile roofs, concrete roofs, flat roofs and metal roofs!

South Africa may not be as wet as your average British summer, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need waterproofing Johannesburg. Visit us today at www.theroofproofers.co.za for more details.



Waterproofing Johannesburg from theroofproofers.co.za. We offer extensive range of roof proofing services guaranteeing success. Also visit us today if you are looking for Roof Repairs Johannesburg