Drop in for a brew with Tom and Nick- bring your own banana.

Banana Fingers: no, we aren’t monkeys; we don’t supply bunches of bananas to popular food chains we are certainly not a couple of people with unusual extremity disfigurements! No; we are something of a climbing equipment ‘hub’ that is committed to expanding our already impressive range of RAB clothing and equipment. We divide our time between indulging our passion for climbing, scouring the marketplace for newer, more revolutionary products and supplying our loyal customers with all the advice and guidance they will ever need when purchasing the climbing attire they require.

Currently on offer we have:

RAB Abscent jacket. We like to call this the ‘Khan;’ a lightweight jacket that is a great all-rounder; perfect for mountaineering, trekking and pleasure traversing and still affordable at 147.00, this is gaining in popularity on a daily basis.

RAB Baltoro Alpine jacket. Or, the ‘Dempsey;’ a mid- weight soft shell jacket for all alpine expeditions, this is hard wearing against any weather conditions and incredibly withstanding of harsher temperatures. As well as being waterproof, this is one of the most recognised pieces of RAB clothing that cannot be beaten for reliability and cost-effectiveness.

RAB Base Camp Tee. The ‘Frazier;’ a heavyweight, completely organic all-cotton T-shirt with double-layer hemmed sleeves, cuffs and collar. With a discreet ‘RAB’ emblem on the front chest; this is one of the few pieces of RAB clothing that appreciates appearance over functionality and looks great as part of any fashionable clothing ensemble from the high street.

RAB Boulder pants. Ideal for some serious bouldering or for just kicking back and chilling; these RAB pants are fit for purpose- for anyone at anytime.

The RAB Micro pull-on. A lightweight but low-bulk pull-on fleece jacket with a zip to provide superior insulation and created using Polartec classic micro 100 fleece fabric for breathability; this is a piece of RAB clothing not to be missed.

And we could go on but rather than bore you with blurb after blurb on each and every item of RAB clothing we’ve got, why don’t you just get your toned little tushie down to our store in Herefordshire where we will be only- too-happy to give you a direct insight into what we feel passionate about; unbeatably reliable and affordable climbing equipment and clothing- both functional and bang-on trend!

Now make like a banana and split!



RAB from bananafingers.co.uk. We provide a wide range of climbing equipment that will ensure you are fully prepared for your climbing experience. Visit us for Carabiners.